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Taking responsibility for a wedding reception bar is an honor and a significant responsibility. Communication is the key to success here!

1. Communication with the Couple: Understanding the bride and groom's vision, preferences, and any specific cocktails or themes they want to incorporate.

2. Communication with the Wedding Planner: It takes several different pieces to bring a wedding reception together; working together as a team is crucial.

3. Communication with our team members: It is extremely important to keep your team members in the loop of every teeny tiny detail. Our bartenders do not just show up! They understand the bride and groom's vision, have the "Run of Show" in hand, and know each step of the day by heart!

COMMUNICATION is undoubtedly a cornerstone of success, but it's important to complement it with thorough planning, professionalism, and attention to detail to ensure the wedding reception bar is a memorable and enjoyable part of the reception. We understand that our mobile bars provide not only refreshments for the wedding guests but are also an aesthetically pleasing element that will show up in many pictures!

A big thank you to the over 150 clients who have trusted us to serve at their events! It is because of you that we have been able to thrive and grow! Cheers to the next 150!

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